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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policies

Where there are 5 or more employees (including part-time/casual, family members, volunteer staff, Company Directors and salaried Partners) farmers are legally required to formulise a written H&S Policy and record risk assessments for significant work hazards.


Service provision:​

  • Action Plan

  • Employers ‘Statement of Intent’, Appointed persons

  • Employee responsibilities

  • Current business ‘Arrangements’

  • H&S Audit of business activities

  • Risk assessments for significant work hazards, including

  Use of equipment and machinery

  Transport and vehicle management

  Maintenance tasks             



  • Emergency Action Plan and Contact Numbers

  • Safe Systems of Work

  • Training Records, and Inspections

  • Communication Policies (as required), e.g.:

  Business tenants

  Agric./Building Contractors

  Farm shoots

  Residential neighbours (letter) – e.g. children

  • Environmental Pollution Risk Assessment and Action Plan

  • Waste Management

  • RIDDOR – reporting accidents

  • HSE - Farmwise booklet


Service fee:  from £1,400 + VAT

COSHH Assessments

All employers are required to control exposure, carry out risk assessments and necessary surveillance of hazardous substances in the workplace, in order to prevent ill health of employees and anyone else who may be exposed.


Service provision: Formal COSHH Assessment


Service fee:  from £400 + VAT

Construction Phase Plan
Risk Assessments

All businesses are required to risk assess significant work hazards, and retain a written record where there are 5 or more employees.


Service provision:  Formal risk assessments for significant work hazards


Service fee:  £60/hr + VAT

Communication Policies - Contractors/Tenants

As Landlords have overall responsibility for H&S on their business premises, a Health & Safety (H&S) Communication Policy is designed to protect against the negligent actions of others, such as business tenants, contractors and occasional visitors e.g. farm shoots.  The Policy simply confirms a third party’s legal responsibilities to themselves, their employees, farm personnel, other site users, the general public and the Landlord.  The Policy is not complicated but specific to the activities of the respective individual/business, and in the event of an incident occurring provides formal written evidence that the Landlord has met their legal obligation to communicate effectively on H&S matters with relevant third parties.


Service provision: Bespoke Landlord Protective Policy


Service fee:  from £200 + VAT

Fire Risk Assessments

All businesses are required to carry out a fire risk assessment of their business premises and ensure appropriate fire safety arrangements are in place.  This is particularly pertinent to farm businesses that have diversified and invite the public onto their premises, such as office accommodation and light industrial units.


Service provision: Formal fire risk assessment of business premises


Service fee:  from £400 + VAT

Under CDM 2015, a Construction Phase Plan is required for all construction projects, including domestic projects, and needs to be prepared by the Principal Contractor before work on site proceeds.  In communication with all 'duty holders', the Plan must record the arrangements for managing the significant health & safety risks associated with the construction phase and revised as necessary throughout the build.

Service provision: Construction Phase Plan and Risk Assessments

Service fee: from £500 + VAT

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